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Leading through Radical Interconnection:

The Human Side of Sustainability™!

In these times of ever-present change, we must shift our consciousness, our fundamental assumptions of communication and relationship — and our models of leadership — to ones that enhance and sustain our interconnection, ones that foster and promote the human side of sustainability™.

The Call to each of us is to:

  • Live in Connection and Love in a sustainable, just and spiritually engaged world
  • Transcend the paradigm of Separateness
  • Co-Create and Collaborate in highly inclusive, engaged Networks
  • Become Social Artists and Architects within the scope of our own relationships, families, communities, schools, workplaces and governments.

Matrix Leadership Institute teaches a timely and relevant social technology for creating inclusive, enlivened and aware relationships, groups and organizations. In the Matrix Leadership model, a group is a set of relationships (or connections between the parts). Leadership is shared and begins with optimizing the connectivity and communication between the individuals (or teams). We re-train ourselves to listen and respond to the needs of the whole while differentiating to become more uniquely ourselves.

Groups become conscious, interconnected, living systems that are:

  • Free from outdated norms based in competition and separateness
  • Resilient and sustainable through times of chaos, growth and change
  • Highly creative, collaborative and emergent
  • Connected to a larger Source that serves each individual, our relationships and the Whole.

Imagine how your work, community life and service in the world might change if you became a social artist — creating and collaborating with others instead of living immersed in a culture of isolation, self-reliance and unhealthy competition.

What if you could help usher in a new era of leadership and living in community based on healing the divides between us and realizing the strength of our interconnection?

This is your invitation! Be inspired and join in the work of changing our families, workplaces, schools, local communities and our world.

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Within a few months, I could see how my participation in the Matrix had already begun to inform my skills for relating and negotiating conflict as applications began to show up in my personal life as well as with my clients. I love being able to witness others respond skillfully and with heart in the group circle. I learn about myself and relationship and myself-in-relationship every meeting. This group is of great value to me. I don't know of another venue where I could engage and work on these skills with such loving and supportive guidance.
— Noëlle Morris
Embodiment Facilitator"
Menlo Park, CA

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